A few Chanel new lip products.

Chanel just launched 3 collections on Saturday simultaneously. I literally woke up early on Saturday morning and the next thing I knew, I was at Chanel. There is a phenomenon which I find slightly odd, whenever I’m there, there will always be a group of people flood in lol In the end, I just had … Continue reading

Introducing the not-so-new Chanel revamped brushes.

Alright, I have procrastinated this post for more than a month! This was launched locally on 1st Sept, I went to play with the brushes while I was rather satisfied with the touch of the brushes, it’s no excuse not to introduce them. Chanel has revamped and has been phasing out the old brushes (except … Continue reading

Some lines-up.

First I would like to apologise for the lack of posts. For whatever reasons they were, I’ll be lame if I am going to throw out excuses. In the near future until early December, posting will be irregular due to revision and study. I apologise (again!) in advance but I do have interesting things I … Continue reading

A good example of a bad colour combination Une.

As I will not have a printer at the moment, all I ask for is a bit of imagination where you can combine the swatches on the arm and put them on the face chart. In the future, I’d probably draw them directly on the face chart so it’s easier to visualise. For the eyes, … Continue reading

If these are not the mother of all brushes, I don’t know what are.

Behold your breath my dear friends. I now present you the mother of all brushes, as of now. Kiwami きわみ can be translated to an adjective/adverb of extremeness, here, I would understand it as the ultimate, the absolute. From left to right, we have two powder brushes made from (1) grey squirrel and (2) brown* … Continue reading


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